Community Managed Micro Insurance

Andhra Pradesh
Member of Amma Bhagvan Mahila Sangham, Mrs. Konamma’s story tells a tragic tale of how disability to the earning member of the family can cause misery to the entire household. Issueless, the aged couple used to lead a hand to mouth existence. The going become tough after her husband met with an accident. The mishap crippled Narayana leaving him disabled. He could not work as a farm labourer or as daily wager. He gets a monthly pension of Rs. 200 and lives with his wife as there is no one to take care of their well being. Tragically, she is the only earning member in the family. Mrs. Konamma earns a meagre income by working as farm labourer and also supplements her monthly earnings by doing house hold chores in few houses in Dharmavaram Town close to her village. Thanks to the initiative of Mrs. Triveni, Animator, Mrs. Konamma joined the ANNA Abhayahastham insurance scheme by contributing minimum 10 years premium of Rs. 3,650 in addition to the service charges to be eligible for the pension. Since December 2010, the monthly pension of Rs. 500 looks like God sent gift to the poor woman. The pension enables her to buy medicines worth Rs. 200-300 for her ailing husband. She too is not in the best of health and suffers from severe joint pains. Whatever amount is left is utilised for buying the groceries, vegetables etc. “The monthly pension of Rs. 500 is my main source of livelihood. Without it, I cannot imagine how we will be able to take care of our needs. The pension assures us of a steady source of income. I need not bother about the medicines and other things as the pension is released promptly.” Expressing her gratitude to Mrs. Triveni, she says: “Thanks to the amma. She encouraged and stood behind me to enrol in this scheme even when my husband discouraged me. Since I had trust in the SGH and the Government I joined this scheme. When I joined and started contributing money to the pension scheme, fellow women use to laugh at me and make sarcastic remarks. But, the regular pension of Rs. 500 received at my door step made them realise their folly. Now they are running from pillar to post to join the scheme”. Mrs. Konamma recalls how she faced resistance from own husband, who made light of her decision to enrol in the insurance scheme. “He was worried about how I would pay such huge amount given their feeble financial status. I tried to convince him. It was Triveni amma, who gave me the confidence and reassured me that if the amount paid as premium was lost, she would readily repay it from her own resources,” the frail looking woman remarks.

  • Name : Bathula Konamma
  • District :Anantapur
  • Mandal : Bathalapalle