Community Managed Micro Insurance

Andhra Pradesh
When Mrs. Gangamma enrolled in the Abhayahastham pension scheme, she had nominated her 15-year-grand-daughter Shankara Anitha as the nominee. Mrs. Nese Gangamma used to run a small shop in the village. It was a tough life for Shankara Anitha, as her mother died when she was a small child. Her father married another woman leaving Anitha and her two brothers to fend for themselves. It was at this stage that Mrs Nese Gangamma decided to bring the three children to her village and started taking care of their well being. Shankara Anitha used to help her grandmother with household chores and also extended support in running the small shop.

Mrs. Nese Gangamma was wise enough to ensure that her grandchildren did not suffer if she was no more. After consulting the IKP staff and fellow SHG members, she opened a joint account in name of her granddaughter and herself. Due to age related ailments Mrs. Gangamma passed away on December 25, 2010 in her village. The family members informed the Call Centre about the death. As there was delay in appointment of Bima Mithra for the village, Rs. 5,000 instant relief could not be provided to the family members. Nevertheless, the local Animator Mrs. Lakshmi Devi ensured that the entire insurance claim was settled in a very short time.

The animator helped Shankara Anitha in filling up the claim forms to get the insurance amount of Rs. 30,000. In six month’s time, the claim was settled and a sum of Rs. 30,000 was deposited in the account of Shankara Anitha.

Anitha’s grandfather, Nese Kadirappa with proper guidance from the Animator Lakshmi Devi deposited a sum of Rs. 20,000 in his grand-daughter’s bank account. With the remaining amount of Rs. 10,000, he purchased a weaving machine for Anitha’s sister-in-law, who supplements the family income. Anitha’s brother is an auto driver and he takes care of the family. Recently, Anitha’s grandfather also passed away. She now lives with her brother’s family.

  • Name : Shankara Anitha Sanjavapuram Village,
  • District :Anantapur
  • Mandal : Garladinne