Community Managed Micro Insurance

Andhra Pradesh

Mandal Wise Amount Reconcilation in  Vizianagaram District
Total PremiumBalance at MS
Mandal NameReceipt's AmountTotal PoliciesConfirmed PoliciesData EntryConfirmedServCharge kept in MandalAmount transferred to ZSFrom ReceiptsFrom Data EntryAmount transferred to SERPServicecharge kept in ZSBalance at ZSDownload Policies
Badangi6780.00901155. Click Here
Denkada10900.0057578499.008499.00399.008100.002401.000.007644.00456.000.00 Click Here
Gantyada17595.0036365940.005940.00540.005400.0011655. Click Here
Gurla5040.001801890. Click Here
Jami2100.002002100. Click Here
Kothavalasa8925.0010105. Click Here
Lakkavarapukota7560.005806090. Click Here
Mentada14700.001702950. Click Here
Pusapatirega2805.001201980. Click Here
Ramabhadrapuram18000.0010105. Click Here
Vepada2310.0040420. Click Here
Vizianagaram4200.004004200. Click Here

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