Community Managed Micro Insurance

Andhra Pradesh
Wife of an auto driver Nicolas, Mrs.Kalavathi is blessed with two children. She does not own a house nor any milch animals. The 32-year-old SSC completed Bima Mitra has been doing exemplary work for the last two years banking on her limited experience as leader of a Self Help Group.
Mrs. Kalavathi recalls a heart rending incident in Chillagondlapally village in Bangarupalem mandal the previous year.
Govinda Goud and B.Baby, both daily wage labourers and policy holders were eking out life through modest income. The couple had three minor children studying in a local school. Due to illness Govinda Goud died. But as there was no AABY policy bond paper traced out, the instant relief of Rs. 5,000 was delayed. However, the insurance claim was cleared and the family was able to repay the debts.
But, tragedy struck the family in less than two years, when Baby also died due to illness in August 2011. “The orphaned children were crying inconsolably. They were helpless as no one came forward to help them. Baby’s son knocked every door in the village pleading for money to perform the funeral rites. All his efforts failed and he came back crying. When I heard about the incident, I felt bad and rushed to the village and provided them instant relief and the last rites were performed. The minor children including Vinod Kumar, nominee thanked me for the help with folded hands,” Mrs. Kalavathi says with a sense of satisfaction, showing her humane approach. She says once the insurance claim was settled, the children spent the money to pursue their education.
She also narrates an incident when the instant relief of Rs. 5000 came as God sent help to V. Venkataswamy, an Aam Admi Bima Yojana policy holder. An alcoholic, Venkataswamy died of cardiac arrest leaving the family in distress. Nagamma, his wife, was helpless as she did not have a paisa to perform the last rites. His only married son was also poor and was not in a position to help his parents.
“In this case also, on hearing about Venkatswamy’s death, I gave the instant relief to the family to perform the funeral. I helped the family in submitting the claims documents. The insurance claim was cleared. The family was wise enough to purchase a second hand auto rickshaw by paying the insurance claim amount as down payment. The auto rickshaw has now become a source of income for the poor family,” Mrs. Kalavathi remarks.
She is credited with ensuring that 135 insurance claims were settled. Talking about her work, she says: “The salary may be meagre and work hectic, but we feel proud and happy doing this work. We get a are highly respected in the villages,” she remarks.

  • Name : Akuthota Kalavathi, Danduvaripally Village
  • District :Chittoor