Community Managed Micro Insurance

Andhra Pradesh

Bima Sevakendhram (Call Centre)

In order to provide quick and quality services to the community, an exclusive Bima Seve Kendhram shall be established in all the Districts. The Bima Seva Kendhram ( otherwise called Call Centre) is a hub of all the insurance interventions at district level, administered and managed by the Zilla Samakhyas with the support of a few human resources District Project Manages, Assistant Project Managers, Call Centre Operators and accountants. Each Call Centre is equipped with infrastructure like, Computers with broad band internet facility, scanners, printer etc. All the information is stored in the computer and managed with the support of software ‘Call Centre Manager’ exclusively designed for this purpose. It is expected that as the people in trouble approach 108 Ambulance for immediate assistance, the community shall avail the insurance services from the Call Cenrte. The Call Centre, preferably shall have a toll free telephone number which shall be known to all the community members.

The Call Centre shall function basing on the following non-negotiable in providing timely and quality services for the poor;

  1. Intimation of death by telephone at Call Centre within one hour of the death of the insured member by kith and kin of the deceased, Village Organization insurance Sub-committee member, SHG Point person or Community Activist.
  2. Payment of solatium/ interim relief of Rs.5000/- to the bereaved nominee for meeting the funeral exigencies before completion of the funeral rites through Bima Mithra accompanied bye the Mandal Samakhya insurance Sub-Committee member.
  3. Submission of Claim Proposals including age proof, Death Certificate issued by the Gram Panchyath Secretary, Village Revenue Officer or any competent officer, nominees savings bank account details within seven days from the date of demise of the insured member.
  4. Verification and uploading of the Claim documents through web portal to the Insurance Company like Life Insurance Corporation of India after digitalization as soon the documents (same day) are received by the Call Centre.
  5. Final settlement of claim amount to the nominee within 30 days from the date of demise of the insured member through online transfer to his/ her account as soon as the Insurance Company (LIC) sends the claim amount after deducting Rs.5000/- which was paid for funeral expenditure on the day of death.

Establishment of Call Centre

As the Call Centre is a unit of Zilla Samakhya, it is advisable to be either in its premises or adjacent to Zilla Samakkhya for administrative convenience and monitoring purpose. The size of the Call Centre shall be 1000 Square feet out of which 400 sft shall be utilized for the staff to work with computers and the remaining 600 sft shall be used for safeguarding the documents like Central Record keeping Agency(CRA). Hence, a spacious room is required for setting up a Call Centre.

  • A toll free telephone numbers and another landline telephone numbers which are easy to remember shall be taken and wise publicity shall be made to make known these numbers to the community.
  • Basing the numbers of polices 5 to 6 highly configure computers shall be in place keeping in view of web-based MIS.
  • As there are minimum five staff working in the Call Centre with Computers sufficient furniture like tables chairs shall be arranged
  • The Following are the minimum infrastructure required;
    1. Call Centre shall have to work 365 days from 8.00 AM to 8.PM.
    2. Display of Call Centre name, address etc outside Zilla Samakhya Office Building for the convenience of the community
    3. Daily Call Centre shall be opened by the concerned Telephone Operators who is having morning shift duty. Otherwise APM shall make some one responsible for opening of the Call Centre.

As soon as an ‘Aam Aadmi’, SHG woman or her spouse dies, his/her family member or Village Organization representatives shall inform at State Call Centre which shall inform the District Call Centre. The operator at District level Call Centre confirms the death and directs the “Bima Mithras” to visit the family and provide the required services. Immediately, the Bima Mithra shall visit the bereaved family with immediate financial assistance.