Community Managed Micro Insurance

Andhra Pradesh
A reluctant looking member of the SHG, Mrs. Narsamma initially dreaded the very mention of speaking in the gathering. Slowly but steadily she took her first step towards public speaking gained confidence. She learnt the intricacies of delivering speeches. The net result- she came to be known as a powerful leader in the Village Organisation after a decade.. Her association with the SHG activity led to a fruitful development of her family. “The savings in the SHG ensured that she was able to free her son, who was working as a yearly contract labourer in a landlord’s house at an early age of 15-years in lieu of the loan the family had obtained from them. The remaining savings came handy to purchase milch animals that became my other sources of income,” she observed. Gaining in strength from the support of the SHG members, officials of IKP, Mrs. Narsamma, a widow did not hesitate for a moment when the Government came up with ANNA Abhayahastham insurance scheme. “My son was against the idea of joining the insurance scheme. Other women were wary of the scheme and questioned whether the money paid as premium would benefit us. I had lot of faith in the SHG and decided to plunge head long into the insurance scheme by paying the 10 years premium along with the service charge,” she confidently points out. The fruit of patience and confidence became a reality when she received her first monthly pension of Rs. 500 in December 2010. “I tasted success and I feel proud of enrolling five other poor women viz., Mrs. Pakeeramma, Mrs. Pullamma, Mrs. Gangaratna, Mrs.Chandralaka, Mrs. Nallamma). They are all indebted to me for the persuading them about the scheme and its benefits,” she pointed out. Life was comfortable for her till tragedy struck when a bull gored her in the village. “I was badly injured as the bull gored me in abdomen and chest. It took a few months to recover completely. But, I am unable to work anymore. I am able to buy medicines with the pension amount. I am not depending upon any one, not even my only son, with whom I stay. Every two months, she has to be administered IV fluids to gain strength,” she states Ask her what she has to say about the insurance scheme that came as a ray of hope to lakhs of aged women like her in the State, she said: “Imagine, what would have been our fate at this advanced age when we are not sure whether our children will take care of our needs. We need not worry about money. The prompt pension takes care of our needs. With folded hands, I pray that the Government continues the scheme and covers other needy and deserving poor women."

  • Name : Mondi Narsamma
  • District :Anantapur
  • Mandal : Bathalapalle