Community Managed Micro Insurance

Andhra Pradesh
Her statement is not just a lip service. It is loaded with a passionate feeling, a genuine realization and a substantial hope pinned on future security. A sense of relief is felt by many other fisherwomen and fishermen families of the village today. The security schemes of the government like ANNA Abhayahastam and Aam Admi Bima Yojana symbolically represent a different net for these families – the fishing nets give them food and daily bread whereas the insurance schemes give them a security net. One net is used to net food and the other net has already netted future security. Many women in Suryaraopet village on the coast of Bay of Bengal strongly believe that their future is now trouble-free and they can receive old age pension through Abhayahastam pension scheme. Mrs. A Baby’s family is one that shares these ideas. Baby’s husband is a member of the Aam Admi Bima Yojana while she is a member of the ANNA Abhayahastam insurance schemes . The eagerness with which Baby and her husband today took to these insurance schemes does not fail to tell us the story of the bleeding realities of fishing families on the coast. These schemes are like God-sent Manna for the families. The importance and implications of the social security measures of the government are thoroughly appreciated. Otherwise, it becomes a difficult proposition to explain why Mrs. Baby and her husband in their early 30s have taken to these schemes like fish to water. For, they know that their lives are stake and their fishing avocation is precarious. Availability of fish is subject to behaviour of the sea and they cannot fish for two months in a year during the breeding time. All these variables badly affect their livelihood patterns and most of the fishing families do not engage in any other activity. They cannot, on the other, leave the sea bed. Their attachment with sea has the shades of feminine partiality. Mrs. Baby and her husband are members of state’s insurance schemes and are regular payers of premium amount. They have four children, three girls and one boy. All of them are studying in various educational institutions. The eldest daughter receives scholarship of Rs 1200 by virtue of her mother’s enrollment into ANNA Abhayahastam insurance scheme. Mrs. Baby is an active member of Adarsa Mahila Swayam Sahayaka Sangham and has availed loan facility a few times till date. All the monies obtained in the form of loan have been invested in the family profession, fishing. Mrs. Baby and her husband today inspire many other fishing families of the village. Every woman is aware of the schemes. Most of them are enrolled into pension scheme while some of them missed the opportunity for different reasons. The family of Mrs. Baby is an ideal example where the expectations of a public policy drive are amply met.

  • Name : A Baby Suryaraopet Village
  • District :East Godavari
  • Mandal : Kakinada (rural)