Community Managed Micro Insurance

Andhra Pradesh

Mandal Samakhya

It is the responsibility of Mandal Samakhya to have three insurance sub-committee members exclusively.


  • They shall be MS EC members and have minimum working experience at Mandal Samakhya level in any capacity. She must be active and have articulate skills.
  • She must be between the age group of 25 -45 years.
  • She must have minimum education of 7th standers, as she is expected to verify claim proposals submitted by the claimants / Bima Mithras with a check list, prior to submission at Call Centre.
  • She must be willing to attend Mandal Level Officers meeting which shall be attended by all the GP secretaries / VROs on every Monday to sort out the pending claims with regard to issue of Death Certificates by GP secretaries / VROs.


  • As it is the first and foremost responsibility to accompany Bima Mithra while payment of interim relief, the Sub-committee members should be willing to come out as and then the death are reported at Call Centres.
  • She shall obtain and produce to Mandal Samakya a resolution from her Village Organization recommending her for the selection of Sub-committee member and expressing no objection.
  • She shall not be member of any other sub-committee or shall not be holding the responsibility of Community Resource Person, Community Activist, Village Book Keeper etc.
  • She shall give an undertaking that she is able to spend about 10 days in other than her native mandal/ District by leaving her family.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • To identify and position two sub-committee members for each and every Village Organization.
  • To conduct trainings to the Village level sub-committee members.
  • To ensure that VOs shall adhere to insurance non-negotiables such as intimation of calls at Call Centre within 1 hr, payment of interim relief, submission of claim documents, final settlement within 30 days. For this purpose VO wise information is maintained in the registers for follow up etc.
  • To accompany Bima Mithra while she visits the bereaved family for payment of interim relief and to give consolation and comfort to the bereaved family on behalf of the Mandal Samakhya and all the SHG community in the mandal.
  • To attend on every Monday Mandal Level Officers meeting which shall be attended by all the GP secretaries / VROs and sort out the pending claims with regard to issue of Death Certificates by GP secretaries / VROs.
  • To support Mandal Samakhya in the identification of Bima Mithras whenever vacancy of Bima Mithra arises and ensure that Bima Mithra functions as per the guidelines stipulated by SERP, while giving surety to ZS on behalf of the respective Bima Mithra in utilization of ZS assets like cash deposited in her account, Cell phone, kit etc.
  • To collect Mandal level and VO level officers, peoples representatives and other important persons phone numbers and to give to ZS from time to time.
  • To verify all the claim documents /proposals came from the Villages with the aid of either the insurance point person or Bima Mithras and to ensure that all the documents are submitted/ sent to Call Centre without any delay.
  • To facilitate / support the ZS sub-committee members or any team visiting the mandal to study / verify the schemes or any issues relating to insurance activities.
  • To ensure all the claims are settled within 30 days by taking the support of ZS sub-committees.
  • To take the lead during the MS monthly meetings to have a separate agenda and discuss all the insurance activities and the issues pending at all levels.
  • To ensure that all the VOs shall be aware of scholarships incorporated in AABY and JBY and to educate the members about its eligibility criteria, to ensure all the eligible children are enrolled and scholarships are distributed to the beneficiaries.
  • To ensure that all the VOs and its members are aware of enrollment, renewal, flawless deta collection, data entry, claim settlement process from time to time.