Community Managed Micro Insurance

Andhra Pradesh

Village Organization

Eligibility Criteria

  • She shall be VO EC member and have minimum working experience at VO level in any capacity. She must be active and have articulate skills.
  • She must be between the age group of 25 -45 years.
  • She must have minimum education of 7th standard, as she is expected to verify and correct the data/ applications of the members, claim proposals submitted by the members prior to forwarding to MS to ensure purity of data.
  • She must be willing to attend Mandal Level Officers meeting which shall be attended by all the GP secretaries / VROs on every Monday to sort out the pending claims with regard to issue of Death Certificates by GP secretaries / VROs.


  • She shall not be member of any other sub-committee or shall not be holding the responsibility of Community Resource Person, Community Activist, Village Book Keeper etc.
  • She shall be amicable and friendly will all the SHGs and members in the village without prejudice of caste, creed and color.
  • She shall give an undertaking to VO that she would be available in the village at the time of enrollment, renewals etc take the responsibility of facilitating bereaved families for claim settlement etc.
  • She shall obtain and produce to VO a resolution from her SHG recommending her for the selection of Sub-committee member and expressing no objection.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • To identify and position one active member from each SHG as ‘Insurance Point Person or Member’ and continuously empower her to motivate and educate the remaining SHG members with regard all the insurance and social security schemes.
  • To conduct awareness to all the SHGs and its members about all the insurance schemes and services delivery systems.
  • To participate at the time of enrollment/ renewal of the schemes and to ensure all the eligible members are enrolled and all the enrolled members are duly renewed every year.
  • To maintain schemes wise enrollment registers, claim settlement registers, scholarships registers etc.
  • To ensure that deaths are intimated at call centre within 1 hr of the demise of the insured member. If the deceased family members fails to intimate, she shall intimate at call centre and register the death.
  • To ensure that Bima Mithra visits the bereaved family and pays Rs.5000/- as interim relief, by follow up to Bima Mithras, MS-Sub-committee and Call Centre.
  • To support and facilitate Bima Mithra and MS sub-committee members while they visit the bereaved family during the enquiry & verification.
  • To support the bereaved family for obtaining Death Certificates from the GP secretaries /VROs until they issue the Certificate and the total Claims Documents are submitted at Call Centre.
  • To take the lead during the VO monthly meetings to have a separate agenda for insurance and to discuss about all the issues, pending claims. And also invite the GP Secretaries /VROs to VO meeting with regard to pending claims and request them to issue death certificates.
  • To facilitate / support the ZS sub-committee members, MS sub-committee members or any team visiting the Village to study / verify the schemes or any issues relating to insurance activities.
  • To attend 4-5 SHGs in a month and sit with them and have a discussion on insurance with a special agenda of their meeting to resolve all the issues, ambiguities so as to give member wise education to all the SHG members. Also make call centre number popular to all the members by writing the Call Cente address, numbers, contact persons in the SHG minutes books, individual pass books etc.
  • To follow up the bereaved family for any support required from the MS /ZS for education of children, to take up any income generating activities etc.