Community Managed Micro Insurance

Andhra Pradesh


The crux of the issue is that the entire process of management & service delivery system is totally administered and monitored by the Zilla Samakhyas (CBOs) by collecting a service charge of Rs.15/- ( .5 $ USD) from each applicant in addition to the premium to meet the operational expenditure in the process of awareness, enrolment, data entry, administrative cost of call centers, payments to Bima Mithras etc without depending on the external Funds. Ultimately to attain operational and financial self- sufficiency. One should remember that the collection of service charge creates in case of free products like AABY creates a stake among the beneficiaries. Hence, meticulous care shall be taken for collection of service charges.

Technology & Innovation

  • A state of art web based Call Centres, with the optimum use of IT, have been established in all the 22 Districts in AP to provide quick and quality service delivery to the community at their thresholds with the support of Bima Mithras, sub-committees at Zilla Samakhya, Mandal Samakhya and Village Organization (Social Capital)
  • The structure of service delivery system is paradigm shift in the insurance service in the state. The entire process of enrollment to claim settlement is carried out by the community at all levels. Web Based Applcation
  • is dedicated for this purpose with optimum use of it