Community Managed Micro Insurance

Andhra Pradesh

Serp Sensitive Support Mechanism

  • In the back drop of all these issues -draw backs, limitations, cumbersomeness and delay in traditional models, a Community Managed Social Security Intervention came up as a sensitive Mechanism for the poor.
  • With a core belief that people have the desire and the potential to come out of poverty through their own institutions.
  • People have strong spirit of self help and volunteerism manifested in their involvement at every intervention beneficial to them.
  • The Vision of the Self Help Groups and their federations is that even the poorest of the poor including the landless agricultural laborers deserve an access to relevant and affordable insurance and social security nets and be protected from risks on death/disability and to secure dignified life to SHG women by providing income security in their old age and children of the poor be financially supported for continuation of education by means of scholarships.
  • Mission Is to empower the Self Help Groups and the Community Based Organization (CBOs) to play an active role in the implementation of social security interventions, to reduce peoples vulnerabilities through diversified social security measures to protect their income and asset base, by creating an enabling environment for self management by the community itself with appropriate project facilitation.