Community Managed Micro Insurance

Andhra Pradesh

Claim Details
District NameNellore
Mandal NameRapur
Claim Code24091600098
Policy No504000085
Lic / India First ID107187
Appno No.01092318031060101701
Policy Holder NamePavani Desu
Father/Husband Namerajamohanreddy Desu
Loan Amount40909
Incident Date28/09/2014
Incident PlaceManubolu
StatusCheque/DD issued to Nominee

1 Registration01/01/2016
2 Intimation05/01/2016
3 Sent to LIC10/02/2016
4 Cheque/DD Received from LIC28/03/2016
5 Cheque/DD issued to Nominee15/03/2017
6 Claim intimated and under process in LIC10/02/2016

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