Community Managed Micro Insurance

Andhra Pradesh
Social Audit Mandalwise Report
Serial NoName of the MandalNo. Of FindingsDPM ACTIONISSUES
TakenPendingPending PercentageSolvedPendingIssue Pending PercentageIssue Not Identified
1 Kotananduru40400022010018 Download
2 Tuni5656005301003 Download
3 Korukonda47461040197.876 Download
4 Peddapuram34340020010014 Download
5 Kothapalli2929002701002 Download
6 Rangampeta28280012010016 Download
7 Karapa1100101000 Download
8 Kajuluru33330015010018 Download
9 Atreyapuram1616001301003 Download
10 Ravulapalem3300101002 Download
11 P Gannavaram3300001003 Download
12 I Polavaram50500023010027 Download
13 Katrenikona3434002010032 Download
14 Allavaram43430027010016 Download
15 Malikipuram45450023010022 Download
16 Sakhinetipalle1100101000 Download
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