Community Managed Micro Insurance

Andhra Pradesh
Member Name Wise SHG Members (15-16) Data Entry Report
member NameUpdated
Annepu NarayanammaEligible
Kancharana PrabhavathiEligible
Kinthala ParvatiEligible
Misala BhavaniEligible
Ravanamma TamminaEligible
Revathi Kumari SamaganamEligible
Rowtu ChamanthiEligible
Sanna Setti DalammaEligible
Sanna Setti ParvatiEligible
Sannasetti MahalaxmiEligible
Tamminana SaradaEligible
Yavvari DillammaEligible
Yavvari HemavathiEligible
Yavvari SaraswathiEligible
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